2020 in review – one crazy year.

Award Winning. Best Hemp Topical 2020. Indo Expo This is our 2020 review – one crazy year! When the year began it seemed as though everything was going our way. We were entering our sixth year in business for cannabis massage and everything was looking bright and shiny. We kicked the year off the best […]


Sanitation Certified and Ready for Action!

We waited patiently for word that we can see patients again and we are grateful the day has finally arrived. Team Primal really missed our patients during the COVID pandemic. Even though things aren’t exactly the same, we are coming to you better than ever. Each team member at Primal Therapeutics has been sanitation certified […]


Could Cannabis Massage Help You Sleep Better?

Cannabis massage and cbd massage may help with sleep.


Fire Cider

It’s a scary time right now. Grocery stores are running out of paper products and various other items. Luckily fresh fruits and vegetables are available in most stores and the ingredients for this Fire Cider are mostly found in the fresh section. Feel free to scroll down and take a screen shot of the ingredients […]


How Cannabis Is Changing the Spa Industry

Recently, I was invited to the first-ever American Spa CBD Summit to speak on a panel about how the popular non-intoxicating cannabinoid is impacting the spa industry. As I sat up there, surrounded by scientists, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, estheticians, and business owners, I couldn’t believe how much things had changed in just a few short years. […]


Bilingual Cannabis Massage

Meet Sherry, Licensed Massage Therapist for Primal Therapeutics. Sherry just celebrated her one year anniversary with us. She has an extensive background in Massage Therapy with over 16 years of experience and she is bilingual. Sherry es bilingüe. Si desea hacer una cita y solo habla español, envíenos un correo electrónico y Sherry se pondrá […]


How CBD Helped Heal My Dogs’ Pain and Anxiety

All dog owners are partial to their four-legged friends, and I’m no exception. I’m pretty sure I own two of the cutest dogs on the planet, and they both bring me more joy than I can express in words. I would do anything for my pups, especially when they’re suffering — which explains why I […]


Ask a Nurse: How to Use Cannabis for Healthy Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s also one of the hardest-working. Every day it protects you from dangers large and small, and it faces an enormous amount of stress from UV rays, bacteria, viruses, pollution, and literally thousands of man-made chemicals. Yet the skin is also remarkably supple and resilient, and it […]


Cannabis Terpenes in Topicals: Which Are Best?

Terpenes might be the latest buzzword in the world of cannabis, but there’s nothing new about these tiny — yet important — organic compounds. In fact, they’ve been around for as long as plants have been on earth, though we still have much to learn about them. For the makers of cannabis topicals (like me), […]


Could Cannabis Massage Help With Sports Injuries? Experts Say “Yes”

As a cannabis massage therapist, I deal with patients who have a wide variety of needs. Sports- and exercise-related injuries are some of the most common — my practice, Primal Therapeutics, is based in Colorado, and people here are serious about their physical fitness. And while this is a great thing in my opinion, it […]