The Four Greatest Benefits of Cannabis Massage

Jordan Person Cannabis Massage

In the last nine years in Colorado my business, Primal Therapeutics, has seen thousands of clients all over the Denver Metro area and beyond. We see the same type of relief happen again and again. After working with so many clients, I consider the following feelings to be the four greatest benefits of cannabis massage.

Bowls of jello

Will a cannabis massage feel different than a regular massage? Personally, and anecdotally, I say yes. I had a woman that worked for me once that would respond the same way every time a patient would ask her that. She would say, “have you ever felt what it feels like to be a bowl full of jello?” Watching the client envision that sensation was the greatest.

Our goal is to make people melt and thanks to Cannabis infused topicals we can do just that.

Four Best Feelings from Cannabis Massage

  • Reduction of relief of pain. It acts like a topical analgesic.
  • Reduction of inflammation. Depending on the quality of the product being used, a Cannabis topical can relieve multiple types of inflammation.
  • Expedites healing time. Depending on the type of healing that is needed, the correct product can exponentially change the healing time and outcome.
  • Increase of blood flow. Every Massage Therapist spends a chunk of time bringing the blood to the surface to assist with relaxation of the muscles. A good Cannabis topical will increase the blood flow while the therapist begins the treatment session.

Feel the difference Cannabis can make

If you just read through the greatest benefits and are considering booking an appointment for Cannabis Massage, please click this link – BOOK NOW and one of our talented healers will look forward to seeing you soon. Or if you have any questions at all about a specific ailment, disease, or disorder, we are happy to discuss various treatment plans and options for your wellness journey.