Four Things All Mobile Massage Therapists Need In Their Cars

There are sure fire ways to set yourself up for success if you are a mobile Massage Therapist, and there are also ways to completely crash and burn.

Trust me, after nine years being on the go, I have learned the hard way.

Learn from my mistakes. Be ready for whatever the day may throw at you including traffic, construction delays, clients spending extra time discussing their problems, or like me the other day – your strap can break on your massage bag and leave you carrying your table in the most awkward way up and down three flights of stairs.

These are the four things I highly recommend all Massage Therapists have for long days on the road.

  • Water -bonus for ice water in the hot months, or a hot herbal tea in the cold months. Invest in a good quality reusable water bottle and thermos for the colder months. Chances are you will also increase your water intake simply by having the bottle with you. Drink for your health.
  • Protein shakes – Massage Therapists use so many muscles while performing bodywork. Replenish yourself. There are so many brands now. I personally do not eat dairy so I steer clear of whey. I also do not use soy. I recommend a pea protein like Vega.
  • Snacks – high protein items, granola bars, and nuts are my top choices for a quick solution. If you eat meat, always carry jerky. If you don’t, like me, there are ALWAYS nuts in my glovebox. They are such a staple my nephews immediately seek all my snacks every time they get in my car, lol.
  • Something good to listen to: Audible, podcasts, or music that activates your brain. Or if you love music, try the “new music” button on your listening app. Keep yourself stimulated and aware as you commute.

Be ready for anything.

You have to be ready to spend more time in your vehicle than you may be ready for, and you have to have enough fuel to replenish yourself in case you expend even more energy than you originally intended to.

If you are prepared your day will be better and you won’t be hangry or moody with your clients and loved ones.

Travel safe, lovers of Primal.