2020 in review – one crazy year.

Award Winning. Best Hemp Topical 2020. Indo Expo

This is our 2020 review – one crazy year! When the year began it seemed as though everything was going our way. We were entering our sixth year in business for cannabis massage and everything was looking bright and shiny. We kicked the year off the best way possible by winning Best Hemp Topical at the Indo Expo in Denver, Colorado. After years of making Primal products, it was incredible to receive recognition for our products. We put our heart and soul into every batch.

Then, the pandemic began and this small business like the rest of the country began to wonder if we would make it. No one knew what was coming, and everyone took a hit. It was not just us. Every small business owner we knew had to rethink things or get lost in the shuffle. At the start of covid when we could not offer our seasonal bliss events, I felt lost. We curated this amazing event series then poof, they were put to a stop. I went outside the box and with the help of some incredible healers/friends, and started a YouTube series called the Bliss Broadcast.

The Bliss Broadcast offered wellness tips, cannabis yoga, meditation, and breath work sessions. It allowed us the opportunity to raise money for Feeding America. We donated a total of 4,000 meals to Americans in need.

Sherry and Jordan performing chair massage at the Black Love Mural Festival

We missed trade shows and events so much. Our first chance and only real chance to work with our community all year was a result of the Black Love Mural Festival. An incredible event in the city of Denver. This event gave local black artists the opportunity to create something beautiful from the destruction caused by the riots during the start of the largest civil rights movement in our history. Being covid compliant at these events was a challenge purely for the fact we missed seeing people smile.

Branded, Team Primal masks

So we changed with the times. We ordered all new sanitation supplies. Required staff to be current with new protocols and certification for cleanliness. We ordered masks for everyone and provided each staff member with any items they may need to feel safe and be covid compliant. Eventually we were able to start seeing patients in their homes again. What a relief for everyone.

In order to be compliant in the state of Colorado we must be a mobile business and I think that may be what saved us in the pandemic. Isn’t it ironic when the thing that you were most upset about, becomes your saving grace. Cannabis infused couples massages are one of our most popular services. We love our out of state guests. Being able to welcome them back, even for a brief period of time was amazing.

Autumn Equinox Bliss Event 2020, Infused Floral Foot Soak

By fall, we were all itching to see each other again. We sat down and thought about what we would need to do to bring our Bliss events back. Our audience missed them as much as we did. So after talking it over with our sponsors and healers, put the feelers out and low and behold sold out the event faster than ever before. We put measures in place to ensure everyone had their own consumption devices and that social distancing was maintained for treatments and services.

It was such a success we decided to host our winter solstice event coming up on December 20th. We had to keep the guest list small once again in an effort to be compliant and hope to be able to open them up to more guests again in 2021.

Cannabis Massage 102 taught for the first time October 2020

We are ending the year on a high note, full of possibilities. In October, we launched Cannabis Massage 102. It is a deep dive into all things cannabis massage as well as tons of information about plant medicine and ways to incorporate alternative medicine into daily life.

The table of contents includes:

  • Welcome 
  • Review of Cannabis Massage 101 
  • Endocannabinoid System in Depth 
  • Cannabis & The Skin  
  • Terpene Science 
  • Diseases and Disorders 
  • Plant Medicine 
  • Treatment Protocols 
  • Marketing Tricks & Tips 
  • Herbal Extracts and Tinctures for Health and Wellness 
  • Whipped Body Butter

In addition to various herbs and foods being able to activate the ECS there are a few activities that encourage its activation. There is so much to learn and understand about the Endocannabinoid System and we are so grateful for the platform of teaching to share our knowledge and case studies with the world.

We are looking forward to year seven with high hopes and aspirations. Bring it on 2021 and thank you to anyone that took the time to read what our year has been like. If you are a small business owner too, please know that I empathize with you and encourage you to just keep going.