Narcotics need tougher regulations


It’s high time narcotics received tougher regulations!

An article in USA Today sparked my interest today. They are finally deciding in October how they will reclassify drugs like hydrocodone. This reclassification would include only allowing doctors to refill these life threatening drugs and no longer allowing their nurses and physicians assistants to call these prescriptions in. The new ruling will mandate doctors to write their prescriptions in 30-day increments that can only be filled sequentially. Cutting down the risk for abuse greatly.

I am originally from Florida the opiate capitol of the US and I sadly not only witnessed, but also myself fell victim to the over prescribed society that this nation has become. I saw too many friends loose everything they had, or their lives. I would have lost mine had I not moved to Colorado and gotten off every prescription drug they had me on and turned solely to Cannabis. There is not a doubt in my mind that if I would have not been shown a holistic approach to my own health care I would not be writing this right now. When I was sick and they could not find what was wrong with me, my symptoms only provoked more tests and the results only provoked more prescription pills and I only continued to become more ill.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how toxic I became and how toxic our whole country has become.

Prescription drugs are the #1 cause of death in the United States. They cause over 1 million annual hospital visits. According to the CDC  just under 17,000 deaths specific to opiate analgesics such as Lortab or Vicodin occurred in 2011. Prescription drugs are the answer to most questions you ask your physician. Our country is a despairing place that it has become easier to write a prescription and mask a symptom instead of looking for the cause and treating the root of the problem.

How many more people will die in this epidemic our country is facing?

Cannabis on the other hand has never and will never cause an overdose or death. Cannabis could effectively treat the withdrawal symptoms opiates cause due to its multifaceted capabilities.   The anti-anxiety and analgesic properties in cannabis are unsurpassed and chemical free which would allow an addict to come off the prescription drugs and not suffer the intense effects of detox.

Lets take it back to basics!

Vote to legalize Cannabis everywhere and save a life today!