Denver, it’s time for a change!

In the city of Denver we have a pressing issue that most city officials are trying to ignore. With little to no adverse effects, changing the hours of operation would behoove all local dispensary owners. Everyday business owners are starting to wake up to the realization what an impact extending their hours could have. Also noting that in all the surrounding cities to Denver, dispensary hours are already extended later. Some cities have shops closing at 10pm and even midnight. So why is Denver so behind? It certainly would seem that as the most progressive city in the country its laws and regulations would match its reputation, but that is not the case.

A local consultant/lobbyist Kevin Mahmalji has been working on a grass roots style campaign to change the hours of operation for the last 4 months. He made good head way last week when the Denver Post published his letter to the editor.

“It’s an unjust policy that forces marijuana businesses and consumers to choose between a very limited legal market or an easily accessible black-market option that offers delivery. When the benefits are so great and there is no harm done to existing businesses or neighborhoods, it makes perfect sense to support a change in the hours of operation.”
-Kevin Mahmalji
If you are a local business or local resident and you feel the hours should be changed please stop in one of the participating dispensaries and sign a letter to your council person today!
3D Cannabis Center –  4305 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216
Natural Remedies – 1620 Market St #5w, Denver, CO 80202
Walking Raven – 2001 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210